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Moniron Dec ERGO

Moniron Dec ERGO

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Moniron Dec ERGO
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  • Device type Automatic counterfeit detector
  • Currency types EUR (basic configuration). Adjustment for other currencies available as an additional option
  • Banknote feeding Feeding by any side • Any orientation in the tray (no need to press banknotes to the edge)
  • Ejection modes Forward and backward ejection
  • Bundle processing Special removable stacker tray, 100 banknotes in capacity
  • Certificates Moniron Dec detection system• Certified by the European Central Bank (ECB)
  • Detection Integrated analysis: Full-width infrared detection • Ultraviolet detection with background luminosity control • Magnetic detection • Spectral analysis of ink • Visible image • Optical density detection • Banknote size detection • Double banknote detection • Taped banknote detection
  • Operation modes Single banknote verification • Verification with summing-up (bundle counting) • Automatic currency type detection • Audio indication
  • Display LED
  • On-screen information Banknote denomination • Amount and quantity of verified banknotes • Currency type • Error code
  • Verification speed up to 110 banknotes per minute
  • PC connection USB Type B
  • Power 12 V, power supply: 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz (AC adapter, car adapter can be used)
  • Dimensions 158×136×83 mm (without removable stacker tray)
  • Net weight, kg 0,5